Shipping Info


We usually roast to order. That is to say that we gather up the orders since the last time we roasted and figure out how much to roast this time and then we ship out immediately. We want the beans to get to you no more than 4 days post roast so we move as fast as we can. Sometimes... this will be delayed a day. We try not to let that happen but we hope you will forgive us if it does.


In order to get you the best product we can and keep the costs to something reasonable, we use the flat rate shipping boxes that our USPS offers. We cram as much into them as possible. We can usually cram five 12 ounce bags into an envelope. Different beans puff up larger so sometimes, we can only get four. We charge shipping based on our presumptions so we do the best we can to smoosh and cram the beans into the bag but every once in a while, it doesnt work out.

So, if you are one of those value shoppers, the very best you can do is order in increments of five 12 ounce packages or 5 pound packages. Shipping is the same on a single 12 ounce bag as it is on five 12 ounce bags. Crazy? We think so too so just order in increments of five!


If you don't like it, send it back to us and we will refund all of your money or exchange it with no questions asked. If you drink most of it then decide you dont like it, we will send you some of your money back. If you wait 3 months to return the unused portion, we will wait a long time to send your money back.