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Cowboy coffee at its very best. Kick ass coffee that puts hair on your chest. Currently: Sumatra Red Badger




Vaquero is the Spanish word for cowboy, y’see, so we figured it was only right that we rustle up an authentic flavor experience. Traditionally, cowboy coffee is made in a heavy cast iron pot over an open wood fire by some ol’ boy named Wyatt or Buck. But for the rest of us, there is Vaquero – chock full of lower notes like nuts, tobacco and dark chocolate with a heavy body. Cue slow, sad song and ride off into sunset.


Current Bean


The current Vaquero is a semi-washed coffee known as the “Red Badger” from the Desa Kerawat region of North Sumatra. It is a combination of the Ateng, Typica, and Djember varieties. This coffee is grow between 1350-1500 masl.  The unorthodox wet-hulling method is used to process this coffee and contributes to the earthy and woody yet still fruity flavor. You can expect a very balanced cup with a big sweet body coupled with those classic Indonesian earthy notes. If you have written off Indonesian coffees, this one will definitely change your perspective.

12 ounce
* Grind


2.5 Pounds


5 pound