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Elemental's decaffeinated coffee roasted to perfection.


The notion that decaf has to be wimpy is, well, weak. We believe decaf should hold its own. That’s why the coffee you hold in your hands is rich, intensely layered and fully capable of talkin’ smack should anyone accuse it of being less than robust. This little decaf holds up perfectly in milk and can also be used as a single-origin espresso shot. So there!
Current Bean
The Current decaf is a Mountain Water Processed coffee from Ethiopia. This Mountain Water Process is a natural chemical free decaf process that eliminates 99.9%of the caffeine while maintaining great flavor.  This Ethiopia is super smooth, has a balanced acidity, and a great body.  This mountain water Decaf was meant to be shared over a great dessert in the evening , but this decaf is good enough to drink any time of the day! 


12 Ounce
* Grind


2.5 Pound
* Grind


5 Pound