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Saucha is cleanliness of body, heart, mind, and environment. Currently: Costa Rica San Lorenzo


High-alititude and high on attitude.  This coffee is all about balance.  The body, acidity and sweetness come together all nice 'n smooth-like, leaving you with nothing but a down-and-dirty clean finish.  A wet-processed, dense bean is the key to this coffee and unlike cookies, it's great with or without milk.

Current Bean

The current Saucha is from Tarrazu, Costa Rica.  Coopetarrazu has a program called Community Coffees in which they give groups of farmers the opportunity and resources to sort their coffee for quality.  What we get is only the best these farmers have to offer, and the farmers are rewarded for their high scoring coffees with cash they can use to better their community.  The San Lorenzo community is located 40 miles south of San Jose.  They're growing caturra and catuai between 1450 and 1700 meters above sea level.  The coffee is sorted and processed at the San Lorenzo wet mill.  This perfectly balanced coffee will present with a subtle body, a sweet milk chocolate note, and cranberry acidity.

12 ounce
* Grind

2.5 pound

5 pound