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This coffee will make you grab hold of your saddle horn and hang on for a wild ride. Currently: Rwanda Kabirizi


A departure, yes. Yippee IA, you might say, is our wild child. It’s the one you can expect to be completely unexpected. In our desire to keep you guessin’ (and, okay, to keep you coming back for more…), we present this little element of Elemental surprise. Specific characteristics will vary from bean to bean, but know this: it will always be a truly interesting coffee. So do us a favor and find someone interesting to share it with, okay? This coffee is super clean and complex. A great mouth feel and honey sweetness carries a red currant acidity.
Current Bean
The COOPAC cooperative consists of 2,200 small holder farms.  These farmers skillfully grow and meticulously pick some of the greatest coffees in the world all along the shores of Lake Kivu.  The coffee is then wet-processed at the Kabirizi Washing Station, where it is then sorted by hand.  In the cup, this coffee gives up a Lavender note that will knock you off your feet, a great grapefruit acidity, tons of sweetness, and just a hint of spice.
12 ounce
* Grind


2.5 pound


5 pound