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Aylele Ethiopia Micro-lot

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Micro-lot Yirgacheffe this is delicate and floral with a mild citrus.

 Micro-lot coffees are fairly common out of Central and South America, but not so common in east Africa. This particular producer is a member of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.     Being a member of the YCFCU allows Aylele to sell his special lot of premium cherries outside the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange where it would have been mixed with other producer’s coffee. Trading outside the ECX allows Aylele to get a premium price for his coffee. This coffee was produced on 10 Hectares of land, a hectare equaling about 2.47 acres.  This lot is comprised of Ethiopian heirloom varieties. The Aylele shines best in a full immersion brewing method such as a french press or clever dripper. 

Aylele Ethiopia Micro-lot 12oz


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Aylele Ethiopia Micro-lot 5lb