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Espresso Classico

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Thick, heavy, dark and intriguing. This blend will stare you down but leaves you craving more!




This espresso blend is meant to be foundational and traditional in it's big body, big sweetness, and earthy tones.  Currently the three bean blend is two washed and natural coffee.   From the washed coffees you get a clean coating mouth feel, while the natural anchors in the chocolate low notes that will be stellar in a cappucino.  Classico is a workhorse of an espresso that shines whether it is in Latte or flying solo in a demitasse.  This coffee is a solid addition to any espresso bar.
 This blend is crafted from a mixture of a  Guatemala Finca Oriflama, Ethiopia Harrar Mesela,  and a Mexico Coatepec.


12 ounce
* Grind


2.5 pound


5 pound


Product Specifications
Roast Full City +