Purusha Reserve is back!
1/7/2011 4:07:33 PM

This Purusha Reserve is the Ethiopian Nekisse from Shakisso and Sidamo. The coffee is selected from a mixed heirloom of varietals and is meticulously prepped to create what we believe is this year's finest coffee. Less than 100 bags of this coffee were produced by the incredibly dedicated team at Ninety Plus Coffee. This coffee reminds us of the great Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley from 2008 (our last Purusha Reserve) in both the bean and the cup. This coffee is incredibly dense as it was grown from a very high altitude. This density is a good indication of the spectacular fruitiness this coffee presents in both the aroma and the palette. We roast this coffee to highlight the big fruity perfume and acidity. 

The dry ground aroma of the coffee fills even large rooms with strawberry, cherry, vanilla and other spices. When we break the crust of the cupping bowl the wet aroma rounds out the dry aroma with even more berry notes. This coffee when brewed with a pour-over (Clever dripper or Hario V60), completely fills the mouth with a velvety mouthfeel laced with berries, vanilla and hints of chocolate. As it cools, it begins to take on red wine characteristics. The finish is sweet and long and leaves you wanting to take another sip. It performs just as beautifully with milk but we encourage you to try it black first. A magical coffee we are honored to pass on to our customers!
Due to the high cost and limited quantity, we are only selling 12 ounce bags of this coffee. We want you to love this as much as we do and we think this can only come from a cautious approach to brewing. We would recommend a manual pour-over, vac-pot or other brew method where all brew variables can be controlled. 
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