Colombia Las Mingas
9/25/2013 12:13:34 PM

Last Friday we rolled out our newest micro-lot, Milciades Golondrino from Huila, Colombia.  This coffee represents the first of four amazing coffees we'll feature in the coming months from the Las Mingas Project.  In 2004, Alejandro Cadena and Giancarlo Ghiretti started the project as a way to educate farmers and roasters and see that they are both justly rewarded, farmers with higher coffee prices and roasters with great quality coffees.  Even after the higher price of trading, all the farmers we'll be featuring at Elemental have received a "sobrepricio," a bonus in recognition of the outstanding quality of their crop.  This project is known as Las Mingas or "for the good of all."

Milciades Golondrino's fine coffee is available in store and online right now.  Keep your eyes peeled because the other three will be coming to you as soon as we can perfect them.  There isn't much of these since the farms average 3 hectares, so try them asap!