Three New Coffees
9/1/2011 1:47:50 PM


The mill is located in the Guji area of Sidamo zone, in the small town of Michicha. Ardi is a nick name given to this great coffee in honor of the 2 million year old hominid fossil from Ethiopia that was announced the same day of the first cupping of this coffee. Ardi represents the pinnacle of discovery and progress. This coffee has been awarded first place WINNER of all east African 2009 harvest competition.  This coffee give up strawberry, vanilla, and spice.  It has a good creamy body with a nice acidity that pops.  You can brew this coffee in a french press, pour over, clever, vac-pot, you name it! This coffee shines no matter what. 


The current Groove is a natural Harrar from Mesela.  Mesela is in the Oromia region and bordered on the southwest by the Galetti River.  This coffee is grown at 1700 meters and is almost entirely processed by hand.  You will find a full mouth feel, deep fruit, dark chocolate and a hint of leather in the cup.   The Mesela balances good body and great fruit in order to make a spectacular brewed coffee in a number of methods.  

 La Mariana Estate

The La Mariana Estate is located in Boquete on the skirts of the Baru volcano. Boquete is a charming valley located in the highlands of Panama and is know as the “Valley of Flowers and the Eternal Spring.” The cherries from the La Mariana Estate are hand-Picked at strict full maturity by native Ngobe-Bugle Indians.  The Ngobe-Bugle ensure the plantation’s environment and grounds are kept in pristine and natural conditions.  The cup on this coffee gives up a great brown sugar sweetness, floral aroma, silky mouth feel, and apple tart. 


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