Hulia Columbia Decaf
7/19/2011 11:18:09 AM

 We promise this is a decaf, because the cup is going to make you think we are lying.  We were tired of tasting sub-par decaf coffee that was made from the outcast, left over, and forgotten lots.  We cupped this coffee before it was decaffeinated and gave it exemplary scores with notes like pecan, nougat, and stone fruit.  Our hope was that in sending a great coffee to be decaffeinated we would get a decaf to be proud of, and that's what happened.  In the final cup you can find a sweet banana and a medley of other fruit with great body and a silky mouthfeel.  

    This coffee is a blend from four producers in the southern part of Hulia Columbia; Jesus Montanches, Linn Kenedy Munoz, Angel Gasca, and Gildardo  Burbano.  All of these farms are around the city of Pitalito.  The coffee is made up of 90% Caturra and 10% Columbia.  Grown between 1500-1800 MASL, this coffee went through a fully wash process and was then sundried.  All of these coffees were harvested between December 2010 and February 2011.  The coffee was decaffinated using the water-EA method.  The water- EA method allows for the gentle extraction of caffeine while pressure and excess heat treatment are avoided.  This allows for the natural green coffee bean cells structure to remain the same.  
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