Purusha Returns
3/28/2011 2:54:18 PM

 The Purusha currently is one of the first Ethiopian coffees we have received this year.  This particular coffee is a Fair Trade Organic specialty direct trade coffee from the Shilcho Primary Farmers Cooperative in the Dara Worenda district of Sidamo.  Shilcho is a wet mill that can circumvent  the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange.  Shilcho employs the traditional fermentation methods to process thier coffee.  The coffee is sorted by hand and dried on raised beds.  

This washed coffee is very clean with a sweet full body.  The dry aroma gives up herbal spices and fruits that will fill the room.  In the cup you can find spices , tree fruit, apple, and citrus.  You can brew this coffee in a french press or a pour over and get equally amazing results.
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