Coffee Shop

Since the beginning of Elemental Coffee Roasters, we knew we would one day have retail space and the opportunity to know and serve our customers personally.  

We are serving a full menu of espresso based drinks- espresso, americano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, and mocha.  Our chocolate sauce is made in house using Askinosie's single origin cocoa powder.  They are a great family owned company sourcing incredible cocoa beans with the same passion that we source our coffee beans. 

We are brewing coffees in the house as well.  These will change daily and give us the opportunity to play with batches that may be too small to retail, as well as using different brew methods.  One day we might be featuring a Bolivian Micro Lot and Purusha with a brew choice of pour over or French press. Tomorrow we may have a natural process Galapagos rarity being brewed in a siphon brewer over an open flame.   

Kristi at t, an urban teahouse has helped us to select three teas and we plan to change them up but always have one green, one black, and an herbal.  Right now our selections are Dragonwell green, Assam Reserve black and Sweet Almond- it is sweet and pink and delicious with steamed soy! 

As far as food goes, we are planning to keep it local! Big Sky Bread Comoany pastries, yogurt and Cuppies and Joe granola, and organic oatmeal sweetened with local honey. We have a crepe menu every weekend until 2pm that changes weekly. All that said, expect the focus to remain on coffee. On the retail shelves, we will offer all of our whole bean coffees, but also a variety of coffee gear- from the best Baratza burr grinder, to Bodum press pots, Hario pour overs, and our own logo coffee cups.

We are also a card-selling member of Keep It Local so bring your card or buy one from us and save as locals support locals: Keep It Local

We hope to see you and all of your friends. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us spread the word.

Open Monday-Friday from 7-7
Saturday from 8-7
and Sunday 9-5
@ 815 N Hudson