Grinders, brewers, serving items and other quality coffee gadgets.
Picture of Glass Handle Chemex
Hourglass carafe coffee maker.


Picture of Baratza Encore
Electric conical burr grinder


Picture of Hario Ceramic 02 V-60
Leading pour over coffee brewing device.


Picture of Aeropress Coffee Maker
Quick single cup brewing method.


Picture of Stainless Steel Chambord Press
Durable and sleek french press coffee brewer.


Picture of Colombia Thermal Press
1.5 liter insulated french press.


Picture of New Brazil Press Pot
Functional and affordable with new design and fun colors.


Picture of CJ- 4000
Dependable scale for weighing and brewing coffee.


Picture of Skerton Hand Grinder
Conical ceramic burr set for consistent quality with no need for an outlet.


Picture of 02 V-60 Filters
White paper filter for Hario V-60 02


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